Boughton Parish Council

Boughton Parish Councillors and their Responsibilities
Tom Roberts Chairman
(01366) 500957
Andy Beeston
(01366) 500731
Playground and Street Furniture
David Cooper
(01366) 500931
Fen Committee, Footpaths, Street Furniture and Mechanical Assets
Ian Davis
(01366) 502138
Fen Committee and Communications
Mark Pogmore
(01366) 500461
Fen Committee Chairman and Planning
Tim Scrivener
Helen Carrier
01366 387443
Clerk to the Council

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Boughton Parish Council Meetings

The dates for the next scheduled Parish Council meetings for 2018 are detailed here

Please refer any agenda items to The Boughton Parish Council by noon of the day one week before the scheduled meeting. Contact details: Boughton Parish Council Tel:01366 500957

If there are any matters you would like to bring to the attention of the Parish Council please contact the Clerk or any councillor.

Important dates/Events

Notice of Boughton Parish Council Vacancy

Boughton Parish Council Annual Accounts Return - Year Ending 31st March 2017

Boughton Parish Council Accounts 2016-2017

Boughton Parish Council Assets

Public Information Policy
In response to the guidelines of the Information Commissioner's 'Model Publication Scheme - Freedom of Information Act' policy, Boughton Parish Council has published details of how to access or obtain copies of information related to council business. The following two documents provide further details:
'Model Publication Scheme - Freedom of Information Act'
Boughton Parish Council Information Publication Policy

General Information

Boughton Parish Council Budget 2017 to 2018

Meeting Minutes of the Boughton Parish Council

Boughton Parish Council - Boughton Pond Risk Assessment
Boughton Parish Council has commissioned a Risk Assessment for Boughton Pond in accordance with Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Councilís requirements for assessing such resources. Kevin Fisher has reviewed the risks associated with the Pond, produced the assessment and submitted to the Parish Council, who have considered the recommendations contained therein.

The Parish Council has adopted the Risk Assessment and agreed to review annually the risks and address any actions deemed necessary accordingly. Currently the Council has decided to review the flora coverage around the Pond edges and move as necessary surplus growth to areas where clear water is apparent to reduce the low risk of falls into the Pond.

A copy of the Risk Assessment can be accessed here [Boughton Pond Risk Assessment], and this shall be reviewed annually at the AGM.

Boughton Parish Council