Draft minutes of the meeting of Boughton Parish Council held on Friday September 14th in the church.



Chair: Frank Reid

Councillors: Paul Coulten (Parish Clerk and Treasurer) Peter Agate, Geoff Proctor, Steve Saunders and Pam Wakeling


Ten members of the public were also present.



Apologies received from M. Pogmore


Previous Minutes:

The minutes of 4/7/07 were agreed.


Matters Arising:

Ÿ         Helen Jenkins’ memorial bench.  M. Pogmore had informed the Chairman that one more quote was awaited before the family selected the bench they preferred, and it would then come before the Council.

Ÿ         Draft minutes of the AGM had been circulated and approved in principle.

Ÿ         Play area safety report: the Chairman had dealt with defects noted in report

Ÿ         Cavenham corner footpath: concern had been expressed re dogs and an electric fence, but the land owner, Mrs Birch, had been approached and the matter was now resolved.

Ÿ         Pride in Norfolk: it was agreed that a sign to mark the village’s success in reaching the final of its class should be affixed to the village sign.


Chairman’s Report:

  • Pride in Norfolk: the competition had been won by Stokesby, but the chairman congratulated all those involved on the effort put in.  More preparation was needed before entering next year’s competition, and it was suggested that a representative group be formed to plan next year’s entry.
  • Events:  The Jazz picnic had been very successful, and Paul Coulten was congratulated. There had been another good evening at the Hog Roast, and thanks were recorded to Andy Beeston for the many good evenings he had assisted at with his roasting expertise!  Bubbles on the Green had also been successful, and Giles Luckett was thanked.  There would be other BVC events in the next few months  (and events organised by others!)
  • The Parish Strimmer had needed to be replaced, and the costs had been split between the Council and a donation from the BVC.
  • There had been four working parties to deal with trees around the village: in the churchyard, the playground and around the pond.
  • Boughton Fen: the wood wasted had been cleared and burned.
  • Stoke Road: AW stated that the flow of water had been there before the contract work had started.  The Council challenged this, but a temporary solution had been arranged by Andrew Faherty with help from other members of the village. Highways to be requested to clear the ditches on either side of the road.


Reports from Councillors:

  • Village Signs: Peter Agate reported that the Village Notice Board had been rebuilt with a new facing and architrave.  All timber had been stained with wood preservative.  The signs at both entrances to the village had been refurbished. The main village sign had been treated with preservative, but would need treatment to bring it to a better condition.  Some of the carvings were showing signs of deterioration, and professional attention would probably needed in the next few years.  All other signs has been cleaned, and plant growth cleared where necessary to improve visibility.  The Phone Box had been cleaned internally and externally, and BT had been contacted with a request that repairs (BT Ref EA32938167)and repainting (BT Ref EA 32938199) be carried out.
  • Report on fen from Mark Pogmore – read by Angela Faherty in his absence. Over the past month or so we have had discussions with a number of organisations concerning the future of Boughton Fen.  In view of the potential for progress at Boughton Fen a sub-committee consisting of F.Reid, Mark Pogmore, Angela Faherty, Kevin Fisher and Allan Hale has been formed.  Each of these people has various skills which will enable us to move forward.
  • Frank, Allan and Mark met Norman Sills of the RSPB on 23rd August for some guidance on what we may do to improve the Fen.  Norman is probably one of the most knowledgeable people on wetland habitats in Britain and he is in charge of the newly developed RSPB site at Lakenheath Fen.
  • Norman Sills was impressed with the current state of the Fen although he did comment that if we didn’t do anything then within 15 years our Fen will first become a scrubland and then progress on to becoming a wood.
  • Norman’s initial suggestions were to reduce the ground level to varying depths which will raise the water level to create ponds and water areas to suit a variety of birds and other small mammals and the creation of some seating areas.  Norman has offered to work closely with us to facilitate this project.
  • In order for this work to be carried out we need to obtain funding through various grants and for this we need to produce a fully costed ‘Scheme Plan’ indicating our proposed improvements over the next few years.  To assist with this Allan Hale has kindly agreed to produce a map of the Fen indicating where all the different vegetation and bird nesting sites are and what we need to do to encourage more Kingfishers, Water Rails, Bitterns and Nightingales to name but a few.
  • We will also be meeting with Nigel Middleton of the Hawk and Owl Trust who have a reserve at Sculthorpe near Fakenham.  As well as knowledge of wetlands and reed fen he is an expert in obtaining funding which may prove very useful.
  • At every stage of the proposed work the committee will seek the approval of the Parish Council and the residents of Boughton.
  • Steve Saunders asked if Natural England had been involved, and this was confirmed.
  • (The Parish Council approved the setting up of the sub-committee noted above.)
  • Geoff Proctor reported that the ditch leading to the church boundary had been cleared, and should no longer smell, but Angela Faherty reported that there was still a problem.
  • Steve Saunders: Highways had expressed concern that some ditches in Stoke Road were higher than the road level.  They would be cleared before winter.  (Check this for accuracy)


Treasurer’s Report:

The reserve account currently held £2967, and the current account held £172.78.

Various donations had been received. Thanks had been sent to the Armsbys for donations towards the cutting of the churchyard.  Rent had been received from Tam Payne (and Geoff Proctor.?)


There would be expenses to come for mower fuel, the annual audit, cutting the churchyard.


The Treasurer proposed a donation of £100 to the church project, to come from money raised at the jazz picnic.  This was agreed.


Items 7 & 8 had been dealt with in earlier reports.



There had been a letter from Norfolk Rural Community Council re: Post Office closures, but no details were yet available as to which would be closing.



There were no current applications.


Standards Committee:

The Parish Council were pleased to support Steve Saunders in his application to join the Standards Committee.


Cricket team report:

The Chairman commented how good it was that the Boughton Cricket Team had been revived.  Two matches had been played, with a win against West Raynham and a defeat by Mundford.  Thanks to Andrew Faherty for organising the revival, and it was hoped to have four matches in 2008.


Questions from the floor:

Query re bungalow ‘The Old Bell’ in Stoke Road.  Had now been vacated due to repossession.


Request for info regarding name of road from white bridge at bottom of Oxborough

Road to the main Oxborough Road – owners of property needed correct address.  No one present was absolutely certain of name.


Wood Drove:

Location described to meeting. Member of public stated that the land and all rights had been sold by Bill Miller to Carter.  Was it possible to sell public right of way?  To be determined.


Next Item:

A resolution to exclude the public from this was passed by the members of the Council who were present ie all except Councillor Mark Pogmore.