Boughton Caravan Events Committee

Boughton Caravan Meeting Minutes - September 2006
Date of Meeting: Tuesday 26th September 2006

Angela and Andrew Faherty
Debbie Fisher
Emad & Susan George
Sue Pogmore
Frank Reid
Pauline & Bryan Bradley

Kevin Fisher
Helen Jenkins
Giles Luckett
Mark Solomon
Barry Ovel

Minutes of Meeting of August 3rd 2006

Matters Arising
Cricket to be considered for next year. Mundford CC happy for us to use pitch next year – EG to contact in April re dates.

EG & AF have signed off constitution. Possibility of registering with Charity Commission in the future, but not necessary at present.

Events Update
1. 14th October 2006: Stargazing night (North Norfolk Astronomy Society) 38 of possible 40 tickets sold. Church will be cleaned on 10th October and prepared beforehand. Four ten-minute talks followed wine & cheese, with telescopes outside church.
ACTION: GL to be asked to advise re wine. DF will get cheese from France 2 days before.

2. 18th November 2006: Quiz Night, Wereham Village Hall
Venue booked. EG waiting for Fish & chip man to contact re price. Entry form then to be available at Astronomy night and via website. Angela to organise raffle – suggest £1 per strip of 5 tickets. Raffle to be? 50/50 or other split. Donations of raffle prizes welcome. Tim Webster of Barton Bendish has kindly agreed to act as co-quizmaster. Helen Jenkins has kindly agreed to do poster.
ACTION: EG to forward Village Caravan logo (see below) to Helen for use on poster.

3. 28th November 2006: Cookery Demo by Angela Lankfer
To be advertised in G4N. Need chairs. Cost £3 per ticket. Maximum numbers 20.

4. 9th December 2006: Wine Tasting by Giles Luckett
GL email read out by EG. Will get wine list to Angela and Susan next week. Spittoons required. Maximum numbers to be 50-75.
ACTION: Angela and Susan to discuss with GL.

5. 20th January 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. Mexican Cookery
MS to host at Manor Farm House. Maximum numbers 10. Ticket price to be discussed. Need to discuss ingredients
ACTION: Angela to approach MS.

6. February 2007: Pub Games Night
Andrew reports that no action yet.
ACTION: Will discuss with Barry and arrange research evening at the George & Dragon in Wereham.

7. March 2007: Barn Dance or Celidh
DF reported pre-recorded music with a caller is around £300. Band quotes awaited. Ticket prices locally circa £6 per adult based on 100-150. Planning on 60 people at Beachamwell Village Hall. No bar planned – bring your own alcohol. Ploughman’s type food to be available. ?£10 per ticket. ?financial viability of event
ACTION: Debbie to explore further. Pauline & Bryan attending a similar event in Downham Market in near future & will report back.

8. Local Historian Society
Nothing to report

9. May 12th 2007: Storytelling by Hugh Lupton
Date agreed. Will do “The Mardling Acres”. Fee is £350. ? Tickets £7.50. Investigate local prices of his events. Raffle and wine with donations but no food.

10. Fisherman’s Tales from Trues Yard
Nothing to report. ?to be April 2007

11. Boughton Book Club
Email from GL. ? Second Wednesday of every month. Suggest November. EG to email re 8th November as an initial introductory meeting to discuss book choices. G4N deadline would be 11th October. Some concerns re reading one book a month

12. Victorian Society
AF has emailed Society. ? Topic – influence of Victorians on places of worship/ architecture/ village life/ local flavour

13. Beer Tasting
Andrew has spoken to Stoke Ferry Brewery – positive response & possible next year. Mixed reports re Iceni Brewery (Pauline Bradley). Sue Pogmore has visited Brandon Brewery – good range worth pursuing. Mark Pogmore to be consulted re quality by Andrew. ? Event to be held January or February

14. Natural History Talk
Frank Reid has had reply from RSPB – willing to provide speaker. If no charge, suggest donation to RSPB. ? Talk on work of RSPB and walk around village. Avoid Open gardens 10th June and? following Saturday. Thus date to be? 23rd June. Sue Pogmore suggested trip to Lakenheath Fen – new RSPB centre.

15. Cinema
ACTION: EG to speak to Alistair Winch re organising local event. Ideally need to have 12 people. Nominated person required and a second. Fire extinguisher required. To clarify with Alistair.

New Events
1. Boughton Wood
Angela questioned whether we can obtain access for a social non fund-raising walk.
ACTION: Frank Reid to ask Tam Payne.

2. Church Trails
Susan showed booklet from Ely Diocese– we are on trail 3. Suggests that 6 churches are open on same day with teas etc. as a fundraising event for all churches, possibly on same day as Church sponsored cycle ride.
ACTION: Susan to contact Reverend Pomery.

3. Art Exhibition
Wellcome Biomedical Trust provisionally willing to lend pictures on 10mm ply for Open Gardens display next year in Church. Pauline reports EDP & Lynn News would be worth approaching. ?preview night on Thursday – EG to give medical description of pictures. Display Friday – Sunday.

Pride in Norfolk Awards 2007
DF reported award held in conjunction with EDP – entry 400 words re what is special in our village. Anyone can enter. Five categories based on population. One is under 500 category. Four in each category to be visited. Extra awards for Best Village Green and WI award for Best Playground. Committee agrees to entry. KF has put together a draft entry.
ACTION: Frank Reid to inform Parish Council.

DF demonstrated proposed logo - warmly approved by group. Will email to members for publicity use. To be used on website.

Future Events Flyer
Publicity material for events to go to DF. Principle accepted of each event to be used to advertise next event. EG to keep Church Wardens and Eileen Powell aware of events. Will also keep them aware of equipment needs to ensure church equipment available. Andrew raised idea of donation to church for each event to cover heating
ACTION: Frank to approach Parochial Church Council for heating cost estimate per event.

Mailing List of Events
SG showed mailing list to be available at events to allow local views to be collated re future events and offers of help.

Bank Account
Angela reported had visited a number of banks. Interest payable at 22% unless have charitable status. Nat West Community Organisation Current Account – free banking subject to status. Interest 2% below base rate. Appears to be best option but Angela will check details.

Thorpe Market Visit
This Saturday 30th September. From 2 p.m. Fahertys, Fishers & Georges and ?others. Ideas for questions to be emailed to EG.

Future Use of Funds

Any Other Business
Plan to discuss lunches for Open Gardens in January.

Angela and Andrew raised MS idea of Halloween goody bags. Deferred for this year. Agreed to use same idea for selling Christmas cards and possibly Boughton calendars for next year. Suggested that committee members assist by collecting old and taking new photographs.

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 14th November 8 p.m. at Hope House