Boughton Caravan Events Committee

Boughton Caravan Meeting Minutes - November 2006
Date of Meeting: Tuesday 14th November 2006

Peter Agate (PA)
Angela (AJF) and Andrew (ACF) Faherty
Kevin (KF) and Debbie (DF) Fisher
Emad (EG) and Susan (SG) George
Sue Pogmore (SP)
Steve Saunders (SS)
Mark Solomon (MS)

Pauline & Bryan Bradley
Helen Jenkins
Giles Luckett
Sandy and Frank Reid

Minutes of Meeting of 26th September 2006
Change required under “Bank Account”. Approved with addition of words “Tax on” (at start of second sentence).

Matters Arising
1. Comments forwarded from Pam Wakeling - welcomed by committee.
2. PA asked if there is a maximum capacity for events for safety reasons. After discussion 50 agreed on.
3. Feedback on Stargazing event by North Norfolk Astronomy Society on 14th October: pre-event organisation and food etc went well. Cloudy night not helpful! Timings went awry on the night. Lack of toilets a problem for those from Society travelling long-distance. Society has kindly offered to return on a clear night at short notice to stargaze. Donation to be given to Society voted on and agreed at £75.
4. Visit to Thorpe Market on 30th September by Fahertys, Fishers & Georges. Made to measure stage impressive – cost of c7k, of which 4k was grants. Toilet for disabled built on outside. Little done to alter inside of church, pews still intact but still have active social programme.

Report from Treasurer
Accounts of Stargazing circulated. Frank Reid yet to determine heating costs re church. It was resolved by the Committee that National Westminster Bank PLC be requested to act as bankers of The Boughton Village Caravan. Agreed that £250 be kept in reserve to cover potential cost of damage to cinema equipment. £50 float to be kept in village. SS raised concern regarding liability insurance. BVC have been assured events held in the church are covered by church insurance.

Events Update
1. 18th November 2006: Quiz Night, Wereham Village Hall
14 tables sold. Raffle – Angela organising. First prize to be £20. Other raffle prizes available. Tea & coffee at end.

2. 28th November 2006: Cookery Demo by Angela Lankfer
Almost sold out. Surplus wines and juices from stargazing event to be used supplemented by further wine to be provided by Georges. Chairs needed – fold-ups available in church.

3. 9th December 2006: Wine Tasting by Giles Luckett
17 tickets sold. Maximum to be 50 - seated during wine tasting. Requires assistance for pouring of wines. Figures available from Giles. Discussion re cost of food, priced at £1.50, as possible underestimate. Hog Roast cost per head £3.50 (SS). Aim to provide light snacks. SG explained that some Church officials not happy for church to be decorated and left up. Has to come down next day. A number of people prepared to help. Quick and easy decorations to be used.

4. 26th December 2006: Boxing Day Walk
Andrew proposed idea of walk taking in three walks around the village with 10.30 start. Advertised in G4N. Paul Coulten kindly agrees to use of his land. PA proposed hot drinks at end of walk or sherry on Green.

5. 20th January 2007: Mexican Cookery by Mark Solomon
Advert in G4N. Eight tickets of ten sold. If more wish to go,? keep reserve list and rerun event. SG opened up a discussion on what constitutes ‘the village’ - suggested that it could be viewed to support the wider community and that profit from our activities could be used to support causes external to the village boundary. SG stated that MS keen to give some money to Stoke Ferry School. ACF viewed the BVC Constitution as directly supporting the village and church and felt this is initially where funds should be directed. EG & SG expressed the view that the village could include those services that support the village from the outset. Further discussion on this matter of interpretation is required for purposes of clarification. SG stated that an advert had been placed in G4N detailing that profits from the Mexican Cookery Demonstration would be supporting Stoke Ferry School. It was agreed to honour this commitment.

SS suggested that a profit percentage donation (of possibly 10%) be given to support good causes. DF suggested choosing a few charitable causes so that a worthwhile contribution could be made rather than a less significant amount gong to many different causes. PA expressed a view that donations be made on a variable basis and not necessarily after each event. KF concerned that we need to become more established before donating funds. A vote was taken on whether the BVC should, in principle, support the wider community and charitable causes with donations being a % of profit (10%). This motion was carried.

6. 27th January 2007: Beer Tasting
Tony Hook from Stoke Ferry Brewery will do this gratis. Beer will be available for sale. Also bringing along balsamic and olive oil. To be held in Church – tickets to be priced £7 each to include bread and cheese. Maximum numbers 40-50.

7. 12th May 2007: Hugh Lupton Storytelling
Hugh Lupton has confirmed date. Doing “The Mardling Acres”. He costs £350. Tickets will have to be priced accordingly.

8. 23rd June 2007 RSPB Talk
Frank Reid has written to RSPB – confirmation awaited.

9. Cinema
Training for 4/5 projectionists in Aylsham on 28th November. ACF may be able to attend on day –EG to provide details. Nominated lead required – EG proposed that group attending training to discuss this. Wissey Valley Arts also have trained projectionists – liaison recommended.

10. Bowling
Barry Ovel has suggested for February 2007 – Pub Night not possible. Possible venues in Brandon and Marham. Agreed good idea as a purely social event. Not to clash with Sixties night being planned by Pam Wakeling. ACF to ask Barry to organise.

11. Celidh
DF reported two replies from four enquiries. Shindig will charge £340. Other option is a caller only for £300. Voted and agreed to use Shindig. Beachamwell Hall costs are £40 hire and £50 deposit. Maximum numbers 60 to allow for tables and chairs. March 2007 may be too early for Shindig. SS suggested hanger at local airfield as possible venue. Roger would need to be approached. Bring own alcohol. Ploughman’s meal as part of ticket price.

12. Local Historian Society
ACF intending to approach Downham Market Heritage Society. PA has book re Frith Collection who will give talks re photographs of Norfolk. Agreed PA would explore further as a possible future event.

13. Fisherman’s Tales
From True’s Yard – donation required rather than fee. Provisionally April but dependant upon date of Celidh.

14. Boughton Book Club
Deferred in absence of Giles Luckett. ? Start in New Year.

15. Victorian Society Talk
Society interested in Victorian architecture only. Idea is to get talk about architecture of church. PA suggested providing photos of buildings in village to widen talk. ACF attempting to make contact.

16. Boughton Wood
Awaiting decision from Payne family.
SG circulated leaflets re meeting on 27th November at 7 p.m. at Wereham Village Hall re creation of a Community Woodland

17. Church Trails

18. Art Exhibition
Needs to be pursued by SG.

Pride in Norfolk Awards 2007
KF proposed to Parish Council also kindly responded positively. KF will circulate draft to BVC Committee for comments.

Boughton Fen
Meeting on 22nd November 7 p.m. in Church to discuss options re tree-felling. All encouraged to attend.

Timing of Future Meetings
DF proposed that dates of future meetings be arranged to allow sufficient time to place adverts and information in G4N in a coordinated fashion. The deadline is always the 11th of the month. Suggest use first week of month for meetings. DF to be copied in on submissions to G4N. PA suggested limit advertising to three events maximum per issue. KF suggests two focussed half page adverts – one for forthcoming event and other for next two events. PA suggests coordination with Wissey Valley Arts events via Village Pump.

Any Other Business
SS – Paul Coulten has all Parish Meeting records from 1894 and wondered if someone could copy to CD. Idea is to put on website. KF and PA will investigate further.

AJF: Future event idea of Caribbean event with Steel Bands.

Proposed letterhead paper for correspondence use.
Use Secretary’s address.

Open Gardens to be discussed at a separate meeting – Pam Wakeling to be invited to set date. SG to ask. EG suggested that perhaps funds raised from lunches should be considered to go in BVC pot and hence to be allocated to the Church for specific purposes. It was generally viewed that the day was the main event of the year for raising church funds and all proceeds should go to the Church.

Jazz picnic event for next summer. ? Avoid third weekend of July.

Christmas Cards: AJF has been requested by Pamela Jennings not to produce Christmas Cards for 2007. Pamela is planning to sell 2004 stock this year. To be an agenda item at next meeting – print run would need to be in April for present card providers. AJF will make enquiries re cost of calendars.

Date of next meeting
9th January 2007, 8:00pm at Hope House