Date of Meeting:             Friday 2nd May 2008 at Barley House Annexe

                                             Meeting opened at 8.05pm


Present:                              Chairperson: Andrew Faherty (ACF)

                                             Vice Chairperson: Sandy Reid (SR)

                                             Treasurer: Angela Faherty (AJF)

Kevin Fisher (KF) Frank Reid (FR)  

Mark Pogmore (MP) & Sue Pogmore (SP)

Susan George (SG) Peter Killian (PK) & Jane Killian (JK)

Pauline Bradley (PB) & Bryan Bradley (BB)

Tim Madgwick (TM)



1)     Apologies:          Secretary: Peter Agate (PA)

Publicity Officer: Debbie Fisher (DF)

    Lynne Agate (LA) & Emad George (EG)



2)     Minutes of Meeting of 29th February 2008

Minutes accepted.


3)     Matters Arising

Discussed under appropriate heading.


4)     Treasurers Report

Financial report issued. Opening balance £860.23.  After adding receipts for Fisherman’s Tales, donations from EG & SG, Mr & Mrs Bourke, Peter Killian, Ollie Robinson and Barry & Jackie, Drive Sale profit, interest and deducting costs of donation to True’s Yard and church heating the closing balance is £1526.48p of which £320 is earmarked to fund a Church project.


5)     Insurance - Health & Safety Policy (ACF/KF)

A signed copy of the Health & Safety Policy issued to Pauline and Bryan Bradley along with a blank Risk Assessment form.  ACF explained to PB and BB that the event ‘organiser’ should initially complete the RA and return to one of the three named individuals for final review and sign off.  Every member of the Committee now aware of the Health & Safety Policy in force and the Risk Assessment process.


6)     Pride in Norfolk. 2007/2008

               Plaque to commemorate Boughton being a finalist in the under 500 population category for 2007      presented to the Parish Council on 5th April 2008.  Thanks to PA for securing the plaque to the                village sign.  KF confirmed that the entry for 2008 has been submitted and we are also entering for        the best kept Green (Hayden Shield).

               Need to discuss a strategy in case we are selected as a finalist KF/FR.


7)     Post Events Review

8th March 2008 Fisherman’s Tales (PA)

An entertaining evening by North Lynn fisherman Maurice Whitting.  36 attendees and raised £90.50 in addition to sending a donation of £75 to True’s Yard.  Perhaps a map of the wash may have been a useful aid.

23rd March 2008 Easter Egg Hunt (SG)

Wonderful weather!  Enjoyed by all.  Simnel cakes well received and some nice cards of thanks received.  Thanks to SR for hot chocolate.  Consider having two groups of children next year and BVC members need to be ahead of the children for safety reasons.  £24.92 of original £100 was not spent, therefore, it was agreed by all to ring fence for next year’s event.




29th March 2008 Church Spring Clean (SR/SG)

Good effort, SR expressed her thanks to those involved.  SR to investigate the possibility of a rota for regular cleaning and whether covered by church insurance.  Next clean on 4th October at 10am, subject to confirmation and men on ladders one week before this date to clean ledges and lights – SR to arrange.

26th April 2008 Village Drive Sale (AJF)

Very good response, 24 houses signed up although 2 pulled out on the day.  Everyone keen to hold an event next year.  Consider April or September and adjust times, perhaps an 8am start.  Bacon rolls very well received although refreshments in the church were not as popular.  Timings?!  Raised £241.36.  PA had suggested in an earlier e-mail that we consider making a donation to the Church from the proceeds of this event.  Those present agreed that any contribution to the church should be of a material nature. 


8)     Events Update

21st June 2008 Summer Solstice Wine Tasting (AJF/GL)

GL keen to host.  Light summer wines, local produce.  £10 a ticket.  Should be enough tables and chairs between BB and ACF, BB also provide pop up gazebo.  As a contingency AJF will book the Church.  AJF to arrange a meeting with GL.  Agreed to donate a proportion of profits to BHF as GL taking part in the London to Brighton Cycle Ride on 15th June 2008.

27th July 2008 Moth Breakfast (SG)

SG to make contact with Allan Hale.  Maximum number of attendees?  SG to check date and whether a donation to Moth man required.  Breakfast at Hope House, smoked salmon bagels, croissants and other delights.

13th September 2008 Ceilidh/Pumpkin Weigh In (DF/AJF)

Pumpkin weigh in between 10am and 3pm.  Presentation at 5.30pm.  Display table and gazebo to be set up on the Green.  DF still chasing for confirmation of band for Ceilidh, band in Dereham £400 for 3 persons plus caller.

12th October 2008 Fungus Foraging (SG)

Fungus expert to conduct a tour of an area in Thetford forest, SG to pursue and confirm.


9)     Other Events Pending

Elgood’s Garden & Brewery Trip (MP) – MP to check available date.

Hats-R-Us Afternoon/Mad Hatters Tea Party (DF) – No progress.

Clay Pigeon Shoot – suggested by PK/GP.  AJF has checked with BVC insurers and it is not viable as a BVC event.  Clay pigeon shooting is one of 24 activities listed as potentially dangerous and Public Liability is not automatic for any of these 24 activities.

Lakenheath RSPB (FR) – FR to pursue contact.  If enough interest possible date 7th September 2008.


Other Ideas Raised

Caribbean Event with Steel Bands (AJF)

Scarecrows in week of Open Gardens (PA) – East Anglian tradition and would allow child involvement.  Try for 2008.  PA will try to find expert to advise.

Richard Brooks, Wildlife Photographer. Does slide shows (AJF). David Mason in Barton Bendish also worth approaching (MP&SP).

Angela Lankfer afternoon BBQ demo.  DF will discuss with Angela.

Horse Racing Video Evening – suggested by Ollie Robinson.  OR to pursue.

Bluebell Walk (FR) - Tam Payne would prefer this to be a bi annual event.

Neil Spinks (SP) - Wildlife enthusiast.

Games Evening (AJF) - A summer event, if not this year then next.

Treasure Hunt (PA) - Still ongoing but probably Autumn/Spring season.

Village History (KF/MS) - KF still wishes to pursue.

Norfolk Feast (SG) - An evening event with a Norfolk menu – 2009?

Keeping the invitation alive (SG) - Involving newcomers in events – handouts?

Thorpe Market (SG) – Consider return trip in 2009?

The architecture of Boughton Church (SG) consider making contact with an informed individual to                       expound about the church.

10)  Group 4 News and Publicity Update (DF)

Entries for Summer Solstice and Moth Breakfast.  KF to compile Drive Sale article.


11)  Any Other Business

Stargazing telescope evening (SG) – Return visit sometime?  Difficulty in getting hold of NNAS, therefore consider inflatable planetariums?

Flower Boxes (AJF) - Placed under village signs on Stoke Road and top of Gibbet Lane.  ACF still investigating cost of galvanised steel boxes.

50 things to do in Norfolk (SG) – Look into production of pocket sized booklet, example shown.  Long term project.  SG to arrange a meeting to discuss further.

Nest boxes (AJF) – Flagged up so we remember to install boxes in the autumn, follow on from RSPB event.  Emphasis on children to be encouraged.

Children’s Flower Bed (SG) – Create a medieval herb garden in the churchyard, planting herbs that would have been used in the 13th century.  SG to arrange purchase of plants, BVC agreed to fund.

Calendars 2009 (AJF) – Boughton through the seasons.  Advertise for ‘favourite shots’ to be submitted.  Make contact with printers again.

Tea Towels (SG) – Good idea, one to consider for the future.

Herb Walk (PB) – PB produced leaflet of herb walks in Norfolk.  SR to investigate further.

Farmers Market (SG) – Good idea, worth considering, perhaps tie in with another event.

Fantasy football (EG) – EG to create advert for G4News.

Chocolate Lovers Event (SG) – Perhaps add on to another event.

Table Top Tomb (SG) – Pursue the feasibility of the restoration of the table top tomb.  All agreed for           ACF to make contact with the PCC to seek permission to investigate.

Refreshments for Ride for Life (AJF) – Have tried to make contact with Brian Elliott to see if a                refreshment station required this year.  Unable to make contact, all e-mails returned! 


12)  Date of Next Meeting

       Friday 15th August 2008, 8pm followed by AGM at Barley House Annexe.


              Meeting closed at 22.40 pm.