Boughton Caravan Events Committee

Boughton Caravan Meeting Minutes - March 2007
Date of Meeting: Tuesday 6th March 2007

Angela (AJF) and Andrew (ACF) Faherty
Kevin (KF) and Debbie (DF) Fisher
Emad (EG) and Susan (SG) George
Giles Luckett (GL)
Mark (MP) and Sue Pogmore (SP)
Frank Reid (FR)
Mark Solomon (MS)

Peter Agate (PA)
Sandy Reid (SR)
Steve Saunders (SS)

1. Minutes of Meeting of 9th January 2007

2. Matters Arising
Beer tasting deemed successful.

3. Report from Treasurer
AJF will send £80 as documented to Churchwardens at end of month.

4. Events Update
24th March 2007: New Mexican Cookery Demonstration (MS)
12 people are coming. Proceeds to go to Caravan funds. MS has sent money from January event to Stoke Ferry School but not heard anything back.

24th March 2007: Wine Tasting (GL)
Approximately 40+ tickets sold so far. SG agreed to obtain food. EG has applied for and received Temporary Events Notice. Possibility of free wine being supplied. Raffle to be held. AJF to organize tickets.

14th April: Bowling (ACF) 4 lanes booked at Marham. 23 people have expressed interest.

12th May 2007: Hugh Lupton Storytelling (SG)
Date confirmed by Hugh Lupton and advertised on website. Full page advert for G4N - £14 cost. Tickets to be priced at £7.50. Events toilet being ordered by Mark Pogmore at cost of £75. Temporary Events Notice to be applied for. Wine and soft drinks to be available – wine £1.50 per glass. Norfolk-based snacks to be available. Raffle to be organised by MS - ?to include Hugh Lupton merchandise.

10th June 2007: Open Gardens (MS)
Meeting held 16th February to organise lunches – takeaway to be available. Advance orders to be taken from those opening their gardens. ACF & AJF to run bric-a-brac, plant & book stall again. Looking into selling ice-creams. Other activities include face painting and living statue. Need to apply for Temporary Events Notice. Next meeting 22nd April 2 p.m. at Mark’s house.

Art Exhibition for Open Gardens (SG)
Wellcome Trust has granted permission for use of Biomedical Images from York. May be allowed to borrow some from London. SG has local contact experienced in mounting such exhibitions.

23rd June 2007: RSPB Talk (Frank Reid)
As per last meeting. DF will organise tickets at £7 each. SG to purchase food. Refreshments to be held afterwards – venue to be decided. Bring your own drinks.

7th July: Champagne Tasting (GL)
Bring your own picnic – late afternoon. Children’s’ entertainer to be arranged or ?mini-tennis as coincides with Wimbledon. Try to attract local press coverage. ?Sponsorship

Village History (MS)
Frank Reid has provided a list of names for the historical project Need to get information from KF concerning production for a DVD. Thinking of recording the interviews and having a photo album being shown as you listen to the interviews. MS felt his American accent would not go down well as an interviewer. All present disagreed! Interview to be audio based. SG brought to committee’s notice Rural Projects Fund Grants Scheme in G4N. KF and MS to pursue.

Cinema (ACF & AJF)
We have sent a copy of the Public Liability insurance that the church holds and are awaiting a response from CAE. Beachamwell & Barton Bendish Village Halls have sufficient liability in place. (EG & SP). Hire rates at Barton Bendish very reasonable - £5 per hour, £15 per half day plus heating.

Local Historian Society (ACF)
No progress.

Fisherman’s Tales (ACF)
Although we put on the back burner at last meeting Maurice Witting is still keen to come along. ?September event – suggest 15th September.

Boughton Wood Walk (ACF)
Steve Saunders has emailed Michael Payne and awaiting response.

Celidh/ Barn Dance (DF)
Nil new to report, but noted that Beachamwell have booked a Barn Dance at their village hall in July. Possibly try to hold in October.

Boughton Book Club (GL)
Defer until GL knows his movements better. First book would be “The English Patient”.

Other Ideas Raised
Victorian Society Talk (ACF) – on hold
Caribbean Event with Steel Bands (AJF)
Further cookery demos (MS)
Milliners event?
? August bank Holiday Jazz Picnic event – deferred although MP has possible band in mind. ?next year. Could be summer or winter event.
Scarecrows in week of Open Gardens (PA)
Stargazing - telescope evening (SG) – deferred to? March 2008
Moth Breakfast – set Moth traps then do morning tour and then have breakfast.
Origami evening
Calendars being explored by AJF
?Angela Lankfer afternoon BBQ demo.
Christmas Cards being looked into by MS.
Easter Egg Hunt next year or Treasure Hunt

5. Publicity Update
April G4 – full page advert Hugh Lupton. Use other magazines to advertise Hugh Lupton, plus ad in Lynn News with ?article. Posters in local villages.

6. Church Project Update
Last meeting attended by ACF, KF and SG. Two plans proposed. Lottery application needs to be submitted by 30 April. Meeting with DAC on 8 March. Form re Proposed Programme of Activities tabled by SG. It was noted that a public consultation was meant to have occurred in February and that such a consultation would be desirable before completing the form. MP to discuss with Chairman of Church Development Committee.

7. Pride in Norfolk Update
Submission has gone in to EDP.

8. Any Other Business
KF reported that Parish records from 1894-2006 are scanned in and full search facility available on CD. Copies provided to SS, PA and Paul Coulten to try out. Plan is to sell for £10 to villagers. Proceeds to go to grass-cutting fund. Now scanned in all births, deaths and marriages to be added to CD.

Committee voted to reappoint present Chairman and Vice-Chairman unanimously

Date of next meeting
Friday 13th April 8 pm