Boughton Caravan Events Committee

Boughton Caravan Meeting Minutes - January 2007
Date of Meeting: Tuesday 9th January 2007

Peter Agate (PA)
Angela (AJF) and Andrew (ACF) Faherty
Kevin (KF) and Debbie (DF) Fisher
Emad (EG) and Susan (SG) George
Mark (MP) and Sue Pogmore (SP)
Frank Reid (FR)
Mark Solomon (MS)

Giles Luckett (GL)
Barry Ovel (BO)
Sandy Reid (SR)
Steve Saunders (SS)

Minutes of Meeting of 14th November 2006

Matters Arising
Cookery demonstration well received. Possibility raised of summer repeat with outdoor venue and barbecue.

Wine tasting by Giles Luckett felt to be excellent by those who attended.

Boxing Day walk attracted 24 walkers plus dogs

Thanks offered to all those who helped with Boughton illuminations on Christmas Eve. Agreed should be an annual event. ?add roasted chestnuts and hang lanterns in trees next year.

Report from Treasurer
Church costs agreed at £20 per event as suggested by Church Wardens at meeting with EG and ACF on Tuesday 12th December.

Events Update
27th January 2007: Beer Tasting (ACF)
ACF, AJF, DF and Mark Pogmore met with Tony Hook (TH) and discussed arrangements, confirmed date and viewed church. Agreed that ticket price includes beer samples and bread & cheese. TH will produce an order form. TH will also bring along some other local produce and Italian produce; olives, balsamic vinegar etc (dependant on sales leading up to Christmas!). Verbal interest to date is approx 20-25 tickets earmarked. Wine and soft drinks will be available.

24th February 2007 Bowling (ACF)
Marham appears cheapest option. £10 per lane per hour. 20 people for 2 hours is £80 with 5-6 per lane. Food and refreshments available. Saturday 24th February agreed as date with 7 p.m. start – ACF to advertise in Group 4.

?14th April 2007: Spring Wine Tasting (GL – reported by SG & EG)
GL has offered to hold another tasting of wines to match the season of spring. Will check with GL re above date and check there is no clash with other events locally. Venue to be discussed with GL.

12th May 2007: Hugh Lupton Storytelling (SG)
Date confirmed by Hugh Lupton. Event is listed on his website but needs correcting. SG will discuss with Helen Jenkins and DF re posters and aim to advertise widely. Aim for maximum of 60-70 if everyone sitting and drinks etc outside. Cost of hire £350. Tickets will be priced at £7 per person. Issue of lack of lavatories discussed as people may travel considerable distances to attend. MP will speak to a Portaloo supplier.

23rd June 2007: RSPB Talk (FR)
Lisa Cousins of RSPB will visit village prior to event to assess local birdlife. Idea is for talk followed by walk to identify birds. No charge so donation to RSPB agreed by group. Refreshments will be available – to be discussed further.

? August Bank Holiday Weekend Jazz Picnic event
With Jazz band plus picnic from 3 pm ?champagne tasting, strawberries etc. Venue ?churchyard – would need to check with Church Wardens and ensure no clash with Hog Roast or musical events in Church. MP to pursue jazz band idea

Cinema (ACF)
Five people attended cinema training held by Creative Arts East (CEA) in December. We are unable to borrow any equipment until we have proof that we have £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance in place for each individual venue. SG to ask Wereham & Beachamwell Village Halls, SP to talk to Barton Bendish and ACF to approach Church Wardens. Will cost around £110 to hire equipment plus venue cost so would need support of 30 people or more to make profit. SG suggested opening it to group 4. Liaison with Wissey Valley Arts appropriate. PA suggested questionnaire in Group 4 to ask for ideas re interest in films. KF suggested theme nights as way of using film as part of an evening event.

Celidh (DF)
Intention to hold this event in September or October to be able to maximise selling of tickets etc. – Shindig not available for March or April.

Local Historian Society (ACF)
No progress.

Fisherman’s Tales (ACF)
Dependant on date of other events – defer at present.

Boughton Book Club (EG for GL)
Date for first meeting to be set. Someone (GL will do it of no one else wants to) chooses a book for the group to read and then we meet either once or twice a month for a cup of tea or a glass of something somewhat more diverting (!) and discuss the book under consideration. We can agree how long we plan to take with the book when we meet: - much will of course depend on the length and complexity of the book. To kick things off, we could set a day (Wednesday or Tuesday are probably best for GL). Initial venue to be The Old School House. If there is a desire to rotate then that is equally fine by Giles. As for a launch date, GL is ready when anybody else is. EG & SG to discuss with GL re gauging interest and taking this forward.

Victorian Society Talk (ACF)
No further progress. Putting it on hold.

Art Exhibition for Open Gardens (SG)
Has contacted Wellcome Trust re use of Biomedical Images. The person who originally dealt with this is not available until January so confirmation of permission to use images still awaited. SG will pursue.

Frith Collection (PA)
PA contacted Frith Collection but only speakers are located in Worcester and unable to travel across to us. Unable to take any further.

Scarecrows in Week of Open Gardens (PA)
Discussed below

Village History: filming conversations with senior residents (MS)
Idea would be to film interviews with senior members of the village to record village history. KF has video equipment. MS happy to do interviews. FR to compile list of residents to give to MS who will discuss with residents. Option of voice only if unkeen to be filmed. Idea would be to produce DVDs.

Stargazing - ?telescope evening (SG)
AJF reported group still keen to provide a telescope evening. ? March good time. Tight time frame? Defer to 2008.

Other Ideas Raised
Caribbean Event with Steel Bands (AJF) - deferred
Walk through Bluebell Wood – AJF to contact SS to see if any progress
Moth Breakfast (SG) – local Moth Society set traps the night before, do morning talk and followed by breakfast.
Christmas Cards - MS to approach Pamela Jennings to discuss further.
Calendars – AJF investigating

Church Project (MP)
Previous architect no longer employed. New architect Francesca Weal proving source of good ideas. Lottery funding application has to be in by April 30th. Committee has set deadline of 31st March to prepare application. Application may be an outline plan with intended usage rather than a detailed architect’s plan. Deanery Advisory Committee is willing to assist process to meet deadline. English Heritage has to approve plans. Will be put to village mid-late February on a Saturday to invite comments. MP and SG to talk to Boughton Church Development Committee re potential usage. Bids of under 200K looked on more favourably. SG suggested children’s events to broaden appeal or to use children’s entertainers alongside adult events and? more Easter Egg hunts or children’s Fun Days. SG has approached ACF and KF at request of Alan Wilkinson to be invited to join – they will contact Alan Wilkinson.

Open consultation seen as a positive step and attendance at presentation of plans to be encouraged.

Open Gardens
As suggested at meeting of 14th November 2006, SG approached PW re a meeting at her convenience to discuss Open Gardens. PW declined as there has not been felt to be any need for a committee meeting in the time that she has been organising Open Gardens. Group agreed that those who organised the lunches last year had found meetings essential to prepare for the day – the social interaction had also led to the development of the Village Caravan. All present agreed that the Caravan should run events such as lunches in parallel to the traditional Open Gardens Events. All money raised will be ring fenced for use towards the Church. Discussion re use of funds could take place with the Churchwardens after the event. FR proposed that a barbecue be held after the event to involve and thank all villagers taking part in Open Gardens. Caravan to look at providing funds for some of the food. Meeting re lunches etc to be held on February 16th at 7.30 at Manor Farm House. Meeting to be advertised to encourage more village participation.

Any Other Business
KF and PA have started to look at electronic catalogue of Parish Council Records as asked by SS at last meeting. Have now scanned all records from 1894 onwards. Potential to sell copies when complete.

MP informed group that Boughton Fen clear up day is 28th January, day after Beer Tasting! Those able to help to let SS know ASAP.

Date of next meeting
Tuesday 6th March at 8 pm