Date of Meeting:        Friday 21st December 2007 at Winward

                                    Meeting opened at 8.14pm


Present:                      Chairperson: Andrew Faherty (ACF)

                                    Secretary: Peter Agate (PA)

                                    Treasurer: Angela Faherty (AJF)

                                    Publicity Officer: Debbie Fisher (DF)

Lynne Agate (LA) Kevin Fisher (KF)

Frank Reid (FR)  

Mark Pogmore (MP) & Sue Pogmore (SP)

Susan George (SG) & Emad George (EG)

                                    Giles Luckett (GL) & Carol Luckett (CL)

Pauline Bradley (PB) & Bryan Bradley (BB)


Apologies:                  Vice Chairperson: Sandy Reid (SR)


1. Minutes of Meeting of 12th October 2007

Minutes accepted.


2. Matters Arising



3. Treasurers Report

Opening balance £917.19.  Income from Christmas Wine Tasting £256.17.  Closing Balance £1,173.36.


4. Insurance – H&S Policy

Draft in place. To be reviewed prior to distribution. (ACF/KF)


6. Pride in Norfolk Plaque.

KF to procure a brass plaque, the wording having been agreed. (KF)


7. Post Events Review

24th November 2007: Christmas Wine Tasting (GL)

Excellent evening nearly 50 attendees. Three options were put forward to support Plan International. It was agreed that £180 would be donated to provide a teacher.


19th December 2007: Carol Singing (SR/SG)

Successful and raised £150 on the evening.


8. Events Update

24th December 2007: Boughton Illuminations (SG)

All candles, bags etc purchased. Meet at 2.30pm to commence preparations.


26th December 2007: Boxing Day Walk (ACF) 10.30 am meet at Notice Board.


19th January 2008: Quiz Night (EG)

Wereham Village Hall booked.  7pm start.  Ten teams out of a possible fifteen booked.  Screen (KF) and projector x2 to be pursued.  Speakezee to be used!  Bizarre raffle prizes to be thought of, all to consider. EG to propose a charity of his choice for a percentage of the profit.


10th February 2008: Coastal Walk (MP)

Route checked, pub booked, numbers required to firm up.  Early January ACF will forward Risk Assessment to MP for initial completion.


23rd March 2008: Easter Egg Hunt (SG)

Meeting to be arranged to agree location.  SG to advise.


26th April 2008: Village Drive Sale (AJF)

Mail shot created and distributed by AJF/DF.  Next step, AJF requires assistance to compile map of village.


9. Other Events Pending

Fishy Tales (PA) – PA has spoken to Maurice Whiting, who is happy to come to Boughton.  Date now proposed as 8th March 2008. PA to firm up with Maurice.

Neil Spinks (SP) – Wildlife enthusiast.  SP still pursuing.

Ceilidh (DF) – Geoff Proctor has offered use of barn at Netherhall.  Date proposed as 13th September 2008.  DF to confirm date with GP.  DF to pursue bands.

Pumpkin Competition (FR/GP) - FR to discuss with GP, proposed to coincide judging in afternoon of Ceilidh.

Cinema (KF) – Shelved. Village History (KF) – KF to discuss with Mark Solomon.

Games Evening (AJF) – To be discussed further at a later date.

Fen Clearance (MP) – Voluntary group that may be willing to assist with fen clearing.  Three dates proposed (of five) for clearance 20/1, 3/2, 2/3, 16/3, 30/3. MP to pursue.


All events to be put on anti-clash by PA.


Other Ideas Raised

Treasure Hunt (PA) By car etc. PA to give more details with FR at next meeting.

Caribbean Event with Steel Bands (AJF)

Milliner’s event? (DF)

Scarecrows in week of Open Gardens (PA) – East Anglian tradition and would allow child involvement.  Try for 2008.  PA will try to find expert to advise.

Stargazing telescope evening (SG) – Deferred to later in 2008.  SG to discuss best times with NNAS.

Moth Breakfast (SG) – Set Moth traps then do morning tour and then have breakfast.  SG to explore further, i.e. when is the best time of year.

Calendars (AJF) – If sufficient photographs taken of village then we could look again at the possibility of having a few calendars printed for 2009.  ALL to provide photos.

Richard Brooks, Wildlife Photographer. Does slide shows (AJF). David Mason in Barton Bendish also worth approaching (MP&SP).

Angela Lankfer afternoon BBQ demo.  DF will discuss with Angela.

Elgood’s Garden & Brewery Trip (MP) - Month proposed as June/July 2008.

Horse Racing Video Evening – suggested by Ollie Robinson.  OF to pursue.

Lakenheath RSPB (FR) – FR to pursue contact.

Dawn Chorus (MP) - Allan Hale is willing to do, MP to pursue.

Bluebell Walk (FR) - FR to discuss with Tam Payne.


10. Publicity Update Group 4 News Update (DF)

Next input 11/1/2008. DF requires write up on Carol Singing (SG), Illuminations (SG) and Boxing Day Walk (ACF).  All reports to DF.


11. Any Other Business

Minutes distribution: Agreed to post the draft minutes on notice board when checked. PA to look after this.


14. Date of next meeting Friday 29th February 2008 venue TBA (ACF) for 8pm.

Meeting closed at 9.15 pm.