Date of Meeting:             Friday 15th August 2008 at Tapestry Cottage

                                             Meeting opened at 8:08pm


Present:                              Chairperson: Andrew Faherty (ACF)

                                             Vice Chairperson: Sandy Reid (SR)

                                             Treasurer: Angela Faherty (AJF)                                

                                             Secretary: Peter Agate (PA)

Publicity Officer: Debbie Fisher (DF)

Kevin Fisher (KF) Frank Reid (FR)  

Sue Pogmore (SP) Lynne Agate (LA)

Susan George (SG) Tim Madgwick (TM)

Mark Pogmore (Part – arrived later in evening)                    


1)     Apologies:          Emad George (EG)

Pauline Bradley (PB) & Bryan Bradley (BB)


2)     Minutes of Meeting of 2nd May 2008

Minutes accepted.


3)     Matters Arising

Discussed under appropriate heading.


4)     Treasurers Report

Financial report issued. Opening balance £1526.48.  After adding receipts for Summer Solstice Wine Tasting £107.54, Moth Breakfast £120.00, interest £5.91, banking under spend from Easter egg hunt £24.92 and deducting £11.02 being the cost of herbs for the Children’s Medieval Herb Garden, the closing balance is £1773.83.

Nat West have sent notification of a £10 charge that will be taken from the BVC current account at the end of August.  AJF has not had any literature regarding this and will follow up with the bank.


5)     Pride in Norfolk/Hayden Shield 2008

Boughton came runners up in the under 500 population and Green Space of the Year (Hayden Shield) and representatives from the village have been invited to attend the presentation on Thursday 18th September 2008 at County Hall, Norwich.  FR proposed thanks to KF for the comprehensive submission; all agreed it was a superb document.


6)     Post Events Review

15th June 2008 Children’s Medieval Herb Garden (SG) Ben, Eloise, Molly, Ellen and Matthew planted up the herb garden and consumed refreshments kindly provided by SG.  The garden was subsequently blessed by David Pomery on 12th July 2008.  All asked to keep an eye on the weeds and watering.  New sign to be made by PJA.


21st June 2008 Summer Solstice Wine Tasting (AJF/GL) Good event, quite well attended.  Modest profit.  Due to being rainy the church was a good alternative venue.  It was agreed to donate the sum of £25 to The British Heart Foundation as proposed by Giles Luckett.


27th July 2008 Moth Breakfast (SG) A successful event, very well attended.  Thanks to Susan & Emad for the breakfast at Hope House.  Also to Karl and Allan for their hard work on the day and the night before.  It was commented by several new event attendees what a splendid event it was.  SG to contact Allan regarding a ’thank you’ for Karl.


7)     Events Update

13th September 2008 Ceilidh/Pumpkin Weigh in (DF/AJF) Ceilidh postponed due to amount of work at Netherhall.  New date TBA for next spring/summer.  Band advised of postponement.

Pumpkin weigh-in between 10am and 3pm.  Presentation at 5.30pm.  Display table and gazebo to be set up on The Green.  Maybe put back to October due to poor summer growth.   Inspector Reid of the Pumkin Police to advise at end of August.


12th October 2008 Fungus Foraging (SG) Advert placed in G4N, £5 per adult, children under 16 free.  SG to co-ordinate with Jonathon Revett.  Exact location to be confirmed.


8)     Other Events Pending

Elgood’s Garden & Brewery Trip (MP) – Can go on a Wednesday evening at £15 per head.  MP thought too expensive, therefore consider a Saturday visit where we all just turn up.  MP to pursue and advise.

Hats-R-Us Afternoon/Mad Hatters Tea Party (DF) – PKVY is due to conduct a demonstration for Beachamwell WI.  He will discuss further with DF after the event.

Lakenheath RSPB (FR) – Insufficient time to organise this year, review at a later date.

Nest boxes (AJF) – Place an advert for children to create a nest box in G4N.  To be held on same date as Pumpkin weigh-in.


Other Ideas Raised

Caribbean Event with Steel Bands (AJF)

Richard Brooks, Wildlife Photographer. Does slide shows (AJF). David Mason in Barton Bendish also worth approaching (MP&SP).

Horse Racing Video Evening – Ollie Robinson to pursue at a later date.

Bluebell Walk (FR) - Tam Payne would prefer this to be a bi annual event.

Neil Spinks (SP) - Wildlife enthusiast.

Games Evening (AJF) - A summer event, if not this year then next.

Treasure Hunt (PA) - Still ongoing but probably Autumn/Spring season.

Village History (KF/MS) - KF still wishes to pursue.

Norfolk Feast (SG) - An evening event with a Norfolk menu – 2009?

Keeping the invitation alive (SG) - Involving newcomers in events – handouts?

Thorpe Market (SG) – Consider return trip in 2009?

The architecture of Boughton Church (SG) consider making contact with an informed individual to                       expound about the church.

Tea Towels (SG) – Good idea, one to consider for the future.

Farmers Market (SG) – Good idea, worth considering, perhaps tie in with another event.

Chocolate Lovers Event (SG) – Perhaps add on to another event.


9)     Group 4 News and Publicity Update (DF)

Speak Up! – Temporarily suspended as the Editor, Fran Brown is taking a well deserved break.


10)  Any Other Business

Flower Boxes (AJF) - Placed under village signs on Stoke Road and top of Gibbet Lane.  ACF will investigate cost of galvanised steel boxes when the village signs have been refurbished.

50 things to do in Norfolk (SG) – Enormous amount of work involved.  Put ‘on hold’ and will consider at a later date.

Calendars 2009 (AJF) – Boughton through the seasons.  Not had much luck making contact with printers, therefore now propose a calendar for 2010.  Hopefully a printer at reasonable cost will be found by then.  Advertise in G4N in Nov/Dec issue for ‘favourite shots’ and the reasons why.

Herb Walk (PB) –No progress, SR to investigate further.

Fantasy football (EG) – Advert in G4N, invitations issued and teams being formed.  Closing date 16th              August 2008.     

Table Top Tomb (SG) – Pursue the feasibility of the restoration of the table top tomb.  ACF had                made contact with the PCC to seek permission to investigate restoration.  ACF wrote in response to         Pamela Jennings letter offering help to contact the descendants and also requesting a ‘shopping            list’ of items to possibly purchase for the church.

Norfolk Community Foundation (BB) - Discuss at next meeting.

Boughton Illuminations (SG/AJF/DF) – Will jointly oversee co-ordination of event.  Meet 27th                September 2008, 11am at Hope House.

Boxing Day Walk (ACF) – Will organise again for Boxing Day.

Ten Pin Bowling (ACF) – Organise for 1st Nov at Marham.

Scarecrow Festival (AJF/PA/DF) – A&AF had been to Barton Mills, PJA had provided link to websites.             Possible suggestion by DF is for a Boughton Autumn Festival.  Propose for end of Sept/Oct and      possibly link with annual Boughton Challenge.  May also be able to incorporate Farmers Market.

Children’s Programme (SG) – Aware that more events are needed for children, ongoing.

Woad Dyeing Workshop (SG) – Propose to hold a workshop in June 2009.

Bunny Boot Camp (SG) – The egg hunt highlighted the need to provide activities for two age groups.                All to consider for next year.

Children’s Christmas Cookery Morning (SG) – Willing to run at Hope House, 10am to 12 noon on          20th December 2008.  Assistance would be appreciated.

Children’s Bird Ringing and Bird Identification (SG) – Propose to ask Allan Hale if he would kindly     conduct a ringing and identification session for the children.

Fishing on the Pond Demonstration (SG) – Again emphasis on children, FR to make contact with       David Cooper.

Bees make Honey (SG) – Try and make contact with local beekeepers, willing to show their bees       and share knowledge of beekeeping.

King’s Lynn Pilgrimage Trail (SG) – A trail exploring the medieval heritage of King’s Lynn.  Needs    coordinating to ensure all venues open on the same day.  SG to explore further.

Margery Kempe (SG) – MK was born in King’s Lynn in 1373.  In 1436 with the help of a priest she         wrote her life story.  Would be interesting to find out a bit more about her.

Knitting (SG) – Anyone able to give knitting demonstration or know of anyone that could?

Boughton at Night – Bats, Moths, Owls, Badgers and Foxes (SG) – Good idea, try and find a contact                to conduct a night time walk.

Children and Fen Conservation (SG) – Small projects for small people.  SG to discuss with MP when     next working party arranged, FR to find out if any specialists can help.

Treasure Hunt (PA) – Still ongoing but probably Autumn/Spring season.  PA to propose scheme and        distribute advice from RAC on do’s and don’ts.

Pantomime Horse Derby (AJF) – Explained rules and costume required!  Pursue as possible Autumn                event.

Coastal Walk (SP) - Willing to organise another walk for 2009.

Carol Singing (SR) – Will check on date and advise.

Boughton Village Walk (SG/AJF) – Walk followed by soup, early Spring.

Church Clean (SR) – Church clean organised at previous meeting.   4th October 2008, preceded by           cleaning at height on the 27th September 2008.


11)  Date of Next Meeting

       Friday 5th December 2008, 8pm venue The Hawthorns


              Meeting closed at 9.35pm.