Date of Meeting:        Friday 3rd August 2007 at Winward

                                    Meeting opened at 20.35


Present:                      Peter (PA) and Lynne (LA) Agate

Angela (AJF) and Andrew (ACF) Faherty

                                    Kevin (KF) & Debbie (DF) Fisher

                                    Pauline (PB) & Bryan (BB) Bradley

Frank (FR) & Sandy Reid (SR)

Mark (MP) and Sue (SP) Pogmore


Apologies:                  Emad (EG) & Susan George (SG)

                                    Giles Luckett (GL)



1. Minutes of Meeting of 15th June 2007

Minutes accepted.


2. Matters Arising



3. Sound Equipment

Details of the RSPB equipment circulated. ACTION: It was agreed to purchase the same equipment. PJA to facilitate purchase.


4. Insurance – H&S Policy

KF had forwarded proposed draft of H&S Policy to ACF. ACF/KF to review.


5. Post Events Review

17th June 2007: Refreshments for Swaffham Pool Association Cycle Ride (AJF)

Poorly supported by riders, but good support from the BVC. It was decided to provide support again for the event should it happen


23rd June 2007: RSPB Talk & Walk (FR)

Well supported, weather poor but a good evening. All agreed we would like to do again, perhaps at Lakenheath Fen. FR to follow up with RSPB


Pride of Norfolk – Boughton were finalists, and the BVC would like to support entry to this Award again next year. A ‘team’ to be organised to prepare for the judges visit in good time. KF to coordinate submission to coincide with entry date deadline.


6. Events Update

4th August 2007: Bubbles on the Green (GL)

45 tickets currently sold. Gazebos being arranged as standby in case of poor weather. Team to meet at 4pm Saturday to erect gazebos. (ALL)


29th September 2007: Bowling at Marham (ACF)

Bowling from 7pm to 9pm.  Tickets circa £4.


24th November 2007: Wine Tasting (GL)

Venue to be arranged.


19th January 2008: Quiz Night (EG)

Date to be confirmed. Note: Venue to be booked! (EG)


7. Other Events Pending

Celidh – Defer to 2008 (Rusty Relics band?) (DF)


Cinema event – KF to follow up


Fishy Tales – PJA has read the book and will now pursue a possible booking.


Village History (MS)

Although MS has resigned from the BVC he still wishes to conduct interviews in the summer, with the assistance of KF


Carol Singing (SR/SG) SR will set a date in near future.


Luminarias (SG)

We would like to proceed with this event again although the insurance will not allow us to leave the luminarias burning all night.  SG to investigate further and possibility of hot chestnuts and refreshments.


Support the Elders Sing-along (FR)

FR proposed a sing-along for the elder members of the community, FR to pursue.


Neil Spinks talks about wildlife, birds, filming wildlife etc – the MP/SP to investigate for a possible booking (Autumn).


Games Evening (AJF) – Options to be considered. Spring 2008.


Village ‘Drive Sale’ (AJF)  Spring 2008.


Other Ideas Raised

Caribbean Event with Steel Bands (AJF)

Milliner’s event?

? August bank Holiday Jazz Picnic event –MP reports  has links with a band that would play for 3 hours at £60 per head.  ?next year

Scarecrows in week of Open Gardens (PA) – East Anglian tradition and would allow child involvement.  Try for next year.  PA will try to find expert to advise.

Stargazing - telescope evening (SG) – deferred to? March 2008

Moth Breakfast – set Moth traps then do morning tour and then have breakfast.  SG to explore for next year.

Origami evening

Calendars. AJF has quote from Dolphin Designs - £6 per calendar with no minimum run size.  Landscape desk calendar would be £3.  FR raised idea of calendar with drawings put together by children.

Richard Brooks Wildlife Photographer does slide shows (AJF).  David Mason in Barton Bendish also worth approaching (MP&SP)

?Angela Lankfer afternoon BBQ demo – FR to ask Paul Coulten.  DF will discuss with Angela.

Easter Egg Hunt next year or Treasure Hunt

Link Romania Shoebox Appeal– SG asking for help as now working full time.

Elgood’s Garden & Brewery Trip for 2008 (MP)

Racing Video Evening – suggested by Ollie.


8. Use of Funds

FR requested BVC contribute towards a new village strimmer. The existing strimmer having expired. The Parish Council are purchasing a replacement. All agreed to contribute a maximum sum of £125 towards the purchase.

ACF raised on SG behalf the possibility of having a plaque made to commemorate this years achievement in Pride of Norfolk competition.  KF to investigate costs.


9. Publicity Update (DF)

‘Speak up!’ publication. - Overview of BVC activities and events to be submitted before 11/8 for possible inclusion in September publication. (DF)

Thereafter subsequent submissions to be discussed/editor invited to village. (All)


10. Group 4 News Update (DF)

Event submisions for inclusion in Sept & Oct were discussed.


11. Church Development Project Update (SR)

Nothing to report. At present we believe the Project is awaiting the results of the funding application submitted in April.


12. Any Other Business

Litter bins. PJA presented some examples of timber clad litter bins. It was decided to investigate further.

Minutes distribution: Subject to approval it was agreed to post the minutes on notice board


13. Date of next meeting

Friday 12th October 8 pm venue TBA


Meeting closed at 10.14pm