Boughton Caravan Events Committee

Boughton Caravan Meeting Minutes - April 2007
Date of Meeting: Friday 13th April 2007
Meeting opened at 20.08

Peter Agate (PA)
Ann Bourke (AVB)
Angela (AJF) and Andrew (ACF) Faherty
Kevin (KF) and Debbie (DF) Fisher
Emad (EG) and Susan (SG) George
Pamela Jennings (PJ)
Mark (MP) and Sue Pogmore (SP)
Frank Reid (FR)
Moira Saunders (Mrs MS)

Pauline (PB) & Bryan (BB) Bradley
Steve Saunders (SS)
Mark Solomon (MS)

Mrs Saunders and Miss Jennings left the meeting at approximately 21.15 and were present for discussion of Open Gardens, Art Exhibition and Insurance.

1. Minutes of Meeting of 6th March 2007
Minutes Accepted

2. Matters Arising
24TH March 2007: New Mexican Cookery Demonstration (MS)
11 people attended, deemed successful

24TH March 2007: Wine Tasting (GL)
54 people attended. Some others said they would attend but did not – we need to pre sell tickets at future events to prevent financial shortfall.

3. Report from Treasurer
Not included here. Please contact a BVC Committee Member for a copy

4. Sound Equipment (EG)
A member of the public with hearing problems raised issue of difficulty hearing Giles at the Wine Tasting on 24th March. This was because of acoustics in church and ambient noise from audience. We agreed that we need to look at sound equipment. Issue to be raised by EG at Open Meeting of Church Development Committee on 14 April. DF has looked at Rural Grants as way of raising funds for a sound system. Deadlines are 2nd May or 27th June for submission. MP advised aim for June. ?temporary solution. KF will discuss with Keith Sheard for his expert opinion.

Also illustrates need for housekeeping rules at beginning of each talk re mobile phones, ambient noise, fire regulations etc.

5. Insurance for Events
Group was informed three days before wine tasting that Church Insurance did not cover our events. Insurance purchased because of time frame before wine tasting at cost of £183.75. Liability covers BVC for all events inside and outside of Church. Also covers Cinema events (which would not be covered by Church Insurance). Moira Saunders clarified that to be covered under Church or Village Insurance, BVC would need to be a sub-committee of Church or Parish Council.

6. Events Update
14th April: Bowling (ACF)
4 lanes booked at Marham. 20 people attending.

12th May 2007: Hugh Lupton Storytelling (SG)
29 tickets requested so far. Full page advert for G4N submitted for May. Event widely advertised. Portaloo ordered by Mark Pogmore at cost of £75 – siting to be decided. Temporary Events Notice to be applied for by EG. Wine and soft drinks to be available – wine £1.50 per glass. ?Norfolk-based food to be available – MS investigating. PA suggests talk to Waitrose at Swaffham re ?sponsorship. EG to approach. Raffle to be organised by MS - ?to include Hugh Lupton merchandise. Prizes required. Pauline and Bryan Bradley have offered to help pre-event. MP, SP and FR willing to help.

10th June 2007: Open Gardens
Mrs MS raised concerns that the BVC activities are reducing the impact of the Church Committee to raise funds for the Church development and the Church Funds because of number of events held. She felt that one event per month was as much as village could sustain. EG expressed view that more were possible if varied in nature to encourage different members of village to attend (Addendum: two events were held on 24th March 2007 both very successful as per above and Treasurer’s Report). AJF pointed out that no formal event had been organised for February as Pam Wakeling has stated that the Church wished to run a musical event/ dance. No event had taken place. FR stated that BVC very visible and community spirit best in years as a result of its activities. He expressed the view that the Church needs to engage with the inclusive ethos of BVC. All agreed many diverse members of the village have been involved in improvements in the church and churchyard in the last year.

Moira Saunders keen to keep dates of 6 October and 24th November free for Church events. Both events ?talks. Also aiming for a musical event late next February.

MS said felt that Open Gardens is a Church event as has been for many years. ACF pointed out that constitution of BVC incorporates raising of funds for church and village, would be happy to raise or supply money for specific projects. Pamela Jennings mentioned church roof repairs and repairs required to Chancel steps. Committee asked Moira and Pamela to supply quotes and Boughton Village Caravan would be happy to consider. ACF pointed out that monies raised during Open Gardens by Caravan would be ring fenced and reserved for specific Church projects (see minutes of meeting of 9th January 2007).

With regard to Open Gardens, Pamela is going to run a plant stall at Church View. Moira requested help for ticket sales. Donations of prizes for tombola needed. ACF & AJF to run bric-a-brac & book stall. AJF clarified that she will be selling plants again. Living statue booked and being donated by SG and EG. Lunches can be delivered to those hosting Open Gardens – order form to be available week before. Temporary Events Notice – Mrs MS happy to apply to cover sale of alcohol at Lunches. EG to email form to her. Meeting at 2 pm on 22nd April to discuss lunches etc at Mark’s house.

Mrs MS confirmed that Open Garden walk around the village will be held on the evening of Saturday 16th June.

Art Exhibition for Open Gardens (SG) Wellcome Trust has granted permission for use of Biomedical Images from York - now being delivered. SG has local contact experienced in mounting such exhibitions. Will view pictures and assess suitability. EG happy to man exhibition. Pamela Jennings proposed that next year Church be used for amateur local art during Open Gardens.

17th June: Refreshments for Swaffham Pool Association Cycle Ride
Starts at 9.30. To be placed by picnic table on pond. Organisers will provide squash. We can provide chairs.

23rd June 2007: RSPB Talk (Frank Reid)
DF organising posters. Tickets will be £5 adults and £3 children. No limit on numbers. FR will ask Lisa Cousins of RSPB if she has sound equipment to bring. PA suggested brings RSPB merchandise and information. SG to purchase food. Refreshments to be held afterwards in Church. 7p.m. start. Bring your own drinks. Advertise widely. FR advised Mrs MS that church would be required for whole evening.

7th July: Champagne Tasting
Need to discuss details with GL.

15th September: Fisherman’s Tales (AJF)
Awaiting confirmation.

Celidh/ Barn Dance (DF)
SG has details of a band called Rusty Relics. Latest Creative Arts East bands now available for listening.

Society for the Protection of Architectural Buildings
EG has been contacted re this group. PA will contact re ?giving talk in future.

Bluebell Wood Walk
FR reported that best time for walk is in 2 weeks. Insurance aspects being explored to allow impromptu event.

Village History (MS)
MS wishes to interview in summer. FR has provided list. Will create DVD. Production should be cheap – external funding not felt necessary. Wider discussion re merit of recording social history.

Other Ideas Raised
Victorian Society Talk (ACF) – on hold
Caribbean Event with Steel Bands (AJF)
Further cookery demos (MS)
Milliner’s event?
? August bank Holiday Jazz Picnic event –MP reports has links with a band that would play for 3 hours at £60 per head. ?next year
Scarecrows in week of Open Gardens (PA) – East Anglian tradition and would allow child involvement. Try for next year. PA will try to find expert to advise.
Stargazing - telescope evening (SG) – deferred to? March 2008
Moth Breakfast – set Moth traps then do morning tour and then have breakfast. SG to explore for next year.
Origami evening
Calendars. AJF has quote from Dolphin Designs - £6 per calendar with no minimum run size. Landscape desk calendar would be £3. FR raised idea of calendar with drawings put together by children. Richard Brooks Wildlife Photographer does slide shows (AJF). David Mason in Barton Bendish also worth approaching (MP&SP)
?Angela Lankfer afternoon BBQ demo – FR to ask Paul Coulten. DF will discuss with Angela.
Christmas Cards being looked into by MS.
Easter Egg Hunt next year or Treasure Hunt
Cinema covered by new insurance.
Link Romania Shoebox Appeal– SG asking for help as now working full time.
Elgood’s Garden & Brewery Trip for 2008 (MP)
Racing Video Evening – suggested by Ollie.

7. Publicity Update (DF)
G4 May – request for help with Open Gardens with details re pre-ordered lunches. Hugh Lupton and Champagne Tasting advertised.

8. Church Project Update
Open meeting tomorrow. Committee AGM is on Tuesday. Participation encouraged.

9. Any Other Business
PA raised concerns re Open Gardens notices. PA to organise Parking signs.

10. Date of next meeting:
Thursday 7th June 8 pm Hope House

Meeting closed at 22.55